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We teach the Trader profession. Get to know the unique method of Jurek S.

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How the Academy works

  • Ca. 35 hours of real time lectures
  • Laboratories to practice with mentor and to dispel any doubt
  • Lifetime access to materials
  • Constant consultations in the Academy group on the Discord platform
  • "Ask me Anything" style meetings with experienced traders after previous editions of the Academy
  • Recordings available immediately after the classes

What you will learn

You will learn the original methodology of Jurek S.

We will teach you the Professional Trader’s market trading methodology
and Market Analyst.

You will learn Technical Analysis of markets from A to Z

We will reveal our secrets to you. By learning the methodology and strategies of effective trading, you will better understand how individual financial markets work.

You will understand financial markets

We will reveal our secrets to you. By learning the methodology and strategies of effective trading, you will better understand how individual financial markets work.

Trader's Academy Timetable

  • #1
    • Invitation and organisational matters
    • Introduction to trading and technical analysis
  • #2
    Chart Construction and types of charts based on Trading View and
    MetaTrader. Candlestick structure. Types of candlestick patterns
  • #3
    RSI indicator, time intervals, characteristics and types of trend
  • #4
    Impulse structure based on Ralph Elliot’s methodology
  • #5
    Structure and types of corrections. Ralph Elliott & more
  • #6
    Visual support with Elliott method & its practical application by Karol

What the academy offers

  • Learning the profession

    Trader is a profession. Difficult, demanding, but very satisfying. To be successful at it, you must have an effective method that you will thoroughly understand and practice.

  • Live lectures

    The Academy is different from any other course you have heard of or attended. Here, you won’t receive pre-recorded video materials. You will participate in lectures that will take place online in real-time, similar to online university courses during a lockdown.

What makes the trade wars academy unique?

We conduct regular LIVE online meetings

We convey knowledge reliably – from the inside out. First, lectures with Jurek S, and then practice in laboratories with Karol. Your homework is checked by an Assistant, after one previous edition of the Academy, who has gone through the entire path: from the basics to an effective Trader. It not only shows mistakes, but also supports and inspires.

We teach the Trader profession

The Academy is not a course like many others. With us, you learn the profession of a trader just like you do at university.

Expert knowledge and know-how

The Academy will give you the basics to know how to behave on the market.

Trader Academy Community

Use the group whenever and wherever you want. In the group you will find special tabs for discussion, practice, chatting, recordings, materials and, above all, contact with Instructors
and Jurek S.

A chance for further development

After graduating from the Academy, you will have the opportunity to practice the Trade Wars method under the supervision of Karol, Jurek S. and older colleagues.
This opportunity is available to those Students who will have active access to Trade Wars*
*Paid option

Testimonials and successes of our graduates