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Live sessions terms and conditions

Live Sessions is a service provided by Trade Wars to active subscribers of both the Trade Wars Group and Live Sessions.

  1. To access the Live Sessions service, you must have both an active Trade Wars Access and active Live Sessions access.
  2. Live Sessions is an additionally paid service.
  3. Users, whose weekly, monthly, 2-monthly or 3-monthly subscription fee aligns with the current price list on the Shop – Trade Wars page have free access to the service.
  4. The access price for other users is displayed in the My Account profile of each user.
    1. The price for accessing the Live Sessions service does not combine with referral codes or discount codes related to Trade Wars Access.
  5. The service can be purchased on a monthly basis, which includes all available sessions during that month.
    1. Sessions are conducted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, as per the previously published calendar.
    2. Trade Wars reserves the right to reduce the schedule by 4 sessions per month.
    3. In case of a schedule reduction, no refund will be provided to the user.
    4. The validity/availability of the monthly Live Sessions service expires at the end of the monthly period or upon the expiration of Trade Wars Access, whichever occurs first.
    5. If a user’s Trade Wars Access expires during their monthly Live Sessions access period but is renewed before the Live Sessions access expires, both services will be resumed.
    6. In the scenario described in 5e, the end of the Live Sessions access period will occur on the date specified at the time of purchase (30 days from the purchase date).
  6. Individual weekend sessions can be purchased separately.
    1. The price for weekend sessions will be the same for all Trade Wars users, except those described in point 3.
    2. Access to weekend sessions is granted to users with active Trade Wars Access.
    3. If Trade Wars Access expires before the purchased Live Sessions session concludes, the user is not entitled to a refund for that Live Sessions session.
  7. The user of Trade Wars is solely responsible for their financial decisions. Trade Wars is not responsible for the consequences of user decisions. The positions and analyses presented during sessions are the private views of the session leader and are solely for educational purposes; they are not investment or financial advice.
  8. Trade Wars reserves the right to cease providing the Live Sessions service at any time
    1. In such a case, the user will receive a refund proportionate to the unused portion of their Live Sessions service