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What benefits will I gain from participating in Trade Wars?

We are a community run by a group of professional investors and traders fascinated by financial markets.

Trade Wars is a trading community run by a group of professional investors and traders fascinated by financial markets. At the beginning there was Jurek S and his idea to create a trained “army of a thousand eyes” that will observe every market and ensure that we will not miss any interesting commercial situations… And we are getting closer to this goal 🙂 Today, Trade Wars consists of 20 traders and investors who regularly support the community with their knowledge and experience. The army is growing, the community is educating, developing and improving. We get great satisfaction when it turns out once again that technical analysis works and the market behaves exactly as the analysis showed, even though everyone around us predicted otherwise 🙂

Trade Voyager – an original method of effective trading and investing

Knowledge is the absolute foundation of Trade Wars. We will take you from zero to a skillful trader 🙂

  1. You will receive setups and analyzes, that cover many markets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, raw materials, indices and Polish and foreign companies
  2. You will develop your investment skills, thanks to access to exclusive educational materials
  3. You will have the opportunity to participate in webinars and training, that will expand your knowledge of technical analysis and trading strategies
  4. You will gain access to an archive of webinars and studies; that will help you understand key investing concepts and principles
  5. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you will be up to date with information from companies listed on the WSE; you will save time and, in addition to accurate technical analysis, you will have access to the latest fundamental information.

In Trade Wars we never leave you alone. You are always surrounded by substantive care.

  1. Traders will answer your questions, dispel your doubts, support you with advice and propose a solution in terms of trading and investment
  2. You will be able to ask questions about legal and tax issues as we have experience in these areas and can help you understand their impact on your investments
  3. You will receive support:
  • from traditional psychologist who specializes in the psychology of financial markets, financial psychology and behavioral finance
  • technical support both on and off our Discord server regarding the operation of exchanges, we will help you understand the interface, the trading process and other aspects of trading in the financial markets

Constant contact with Traders on the Discord platform

  1. You will exchange ideas and experience with traders
  2. You will build a network of contacts and meet professionals who share setups with the Trade Wars community
  3. You will have the opportunity to participate in discussions about the latest trends and investment opportunities
  4. You will establish contacts with other financial market enthusiasts – you will share knowledge and investment strategies
  • Knowledge
  • Support
  • Community


Live Trading is a unique experience if you are interested in trading on low time frames.

You learn at an extremely fast pace: how to manage your capital and control your emotions. An absolutely unique proposal on the Polish market.

What is Live Trading?

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SP500 makes ATH!

22.01.2024 – 28.01.2024

After a long battle of driving a hard narrative regarding the S&P’s pursuit of ATH conducted from as early as the $3600 price level, just before overcoming the impossible for many, the market provided yet another opportunity on the hourly interval – namely, an ABC structure called a straight correction ending at the 0.618 fibo geometric cluster and…. we got it! The S&P has reached the ATH. Now we await the next profit level on the S&P – $5,000 – and look for more opportunities.

Bitcoin confirms the saying: ‘capital in financial markets flows from the impatient to the patient.’ Another successful long

Jurek S.
29.11.2023 – 04.01.2024

I have been watching and analysing the Bitcoin market since the bottom, from around USD 16 000. Regarding the trade in question, I noticed that the movement from around USD 33 200 was just completing a fifth, internal wave which was wedge-shaped – this could mean both the end of the upward movement and an impending correction or the beginning and the market preparing to ‘shoot up’. I prepared with the community for both scenarios. From the level above 37,000 I was looking for the possibility of a short, but I also identified a demand zone (marked on the chart by a yellow box with the word C II) which resulted from the end of the momentum correction. The upward prediction turned out to be correct, so I took a position in the zone. The subsequent uptrend, which lasted about a month, yielded an impressive result – we took the position to a level of over USD 45 500, realising profits in batches ‘along the way’, of course.

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Galactic Power of Good

We provided specialized medical equipment worth over PLN 100,000 to sick children

In addition to educating and developing the community, we are sensitive to others, especially the youngest. That’s why we regularly organize training for Trade Wars participants and our supporters, with all proceeds donated to charity. We have already organized three such campaigns, and with the collected funds we purchased an incubator for the Children’s Hospice and two heart monitors with a total value of over PLN 100,000. In the third campaign, we donated the collected money to large families of Ukrainian refugees for their nutritional and hygiene needs. More actions in preparation 🙂

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