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Study trading methodology of Jurek S. in live sessions

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Financial markets masterclass

You will learn about the methodology and effective trading strategy from a Professional Trader: Jurek S., and eventually you will understand financial markets!

Technical Analysis from the scratch

You will learn Technical Analysis of the markets you have never known before! Thanks to Trader’s Academy, you will be able to analyse every market and understand financial markets!


You will be granted access to a special group, only for Academy members, thanks to which you will have an opportunity to consult Tutors, other members and Karol and Jurek S. themselves.


Methodology of Jurek S.

We will provide you and in-depth explanation of the trading methodology developed by a Professional Trader and Market Analyst: Jurek S. Additionally, you will obtain the knowledge resulting from the experience of Karol, who uses this method in his everyday trading.

Trader’s Academy Discord Group

During the Academy, you will be a Member of a dedicated group on the DISCORD platform, where all the necessary elements are at hand from any device! Use the group whenever and wherever you want.
You will find special tabs for discussion, practice, chat, videos, references, and most of all, contact with Instructors and Jurek S.

Lectures and Practice Classes LIVE

Trader’s Academy is held in an academic mode: divided into Lectures and Practice Classes. During Lectures, you will learn the theory, and Practice Classes are tailored sessions which are to help you revise it and practise!

Chance for further development*

After graduation you will have a chance to train together with Karol and Jurek S., eventually become a Pro and work directly with Jurek S., along with the best Traders, previously educated by Jurek S and Karol.

Easy access to materials

All Lectures and Practice Classes are recorded and immediately shared with members! You can watch them from any place in the world using devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and TVs. Additionally, you will receive a lot of materials, which will help you learn and practise. They’re yours, forever.

*The training is not a part of Academy, it will be provided as an option and will be additionally charged


After joining Trade Wars, I opened my eyes to many situations, but all that happens in Trader’s Academy is great knowledge lecture by lecture. My jaw drops out of surprise at how it all works and how the market is repetitive and predictable. Sebastian’s methodology is brilliant. Everything runs like clockwork. I have to say that the Academy was a hit. Sebastian shares knowledge in a simple and clear way. The Academy is impeccable, and everything is well-prepared, even though it is the first edition. The Labs with Karol are very helpful, with a lot of extra knowledge and a bit different perspective on the market. Karol tries hard to share knowledge best he can. THANKS A LOT! I recommend the Academy to everyone, and once again, thanks to the whole team.
For me, the Academy was a hit. My eyes opened when I saw the amount of knowledge presented and shared by the Academy. Everything is clear, and most importantly, we get the essence of knowledge necessary to trade effectively, and not the proverbial sh.... from the Internet, which you can google. The knowledge we get in TA can’t be found on the Internet. Strongly recommend.
For me, the great thing is that the recordings are available quickly, also from other groups. As a parent, I struggle to do the exercises at 7 p.m. or even be on time for the lecture at 8. So thanks to quickly uploaded recordings, I can catch up as soon as the following day. And the second thing, practice classes recordings – everybody has access to all the recordings, from all the groups, so with a more challenging subject, I watch the recording from one, two, or even three groups, so it gets clearer.
Based on the information I got, I made up for the course in the first month. I was making a profit next month too. And most importantly, I found out how not to lose it. I’m satisfied. It’s worth it.
Monte Christo
Great respect for everything! This group and community is an unstoppable machine! Great knowledge of the Leader and every single person who is a part of this amazing organisation. Self-development is something beautiful. A mine of knowledge, possibilities and inspiration for me for years. I don’t hurry, and work at my own pace, often quietly, but I know this is something I want to be connected with for longer. Thanks to the originator for the concept and methodology, finally, somebody gathered it all into a logical whole. Thanks for the practice classes for the help and consultations. I hope it’s only the beginning. Greetings to the best group ever!
This week, after ten years, I finally paid out my mortgage credit. I free my mind from this stressing factor and make next steps on the path of change of my money-grubber financial mentality. This is my huge success and it’s thanks to Trader’s Academy Edition II, strong team of traders and Piotr Łabuz, you recommended. The curve of my capital is in a Wave III now 🙂
tarpan (form personal message to Jurek S). Our annotation to above: Wave III is a stage of fast growth 🙂